Invite your team.

Manage and share projects and tasks.

  • Add projects, set their permissions and categorize them by client if needed.
  • Set up some tasks into the projects. Add hourly rates, due dates, time budgets and assign the team members that will have to track time against them.

Track time collaboratively everywhere.

  • The team is ready to track time by starting the timer and choosing the task or project they will work on.
  • They can also add and edit time entries in Hours according to their permissions.
  • For more convenience team members can install the desktop assistant to keep track of their time right from their desktop pc and get the mobile app to track time everywhere.

Monitor team performance and get timesheets.

  • Check the dashboard and reports to study your team’s performance and work progress.
  • Finally get team’s time data breakdown in timesheets to understand the time distribution between people, projects and tasks and evaluate your efficiency and profitability.
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