Regardless of whether you’re viewing your personal or project tasks, you can always click on the start button next to the task name to start tracking time against the selected task.

A new time entry will be started and the task name and the current duration will be displayed on top of the screen.

When you're ready working on this task, just click on the stop button.

Start tracking with the timer

The timer at the center of the screen allows you to start tracking your time, fast and easy. Regardless of whether you’re setting up a project, creating a report or analyzing your last week’s activity: You’re always only one click away of starting a timer.

Just hit start

The fastest way to start tracking an activity is by simply clicking on the start button. A new time entry will be added, with no task or project associated to it.

You can always assign the time to a task or project at the moment or later.

Track an existing task and/or project.

If you’re going to start working again on a previously created task, you can select it from the list by clicking on the timer and choosing between all or your recent activity.

If you don't need to specify a task, you can also select a project to track time against.

Track a new task

If you want to start tracking a new task, enter the task name and click on "Add". The timer will start automatically.

To associate the new task to a project add ",," (two commas) and the project name like this:

New Task,,My Project

If there is already a project with the given name the task will be assigned to it. Otherwise a new project will be created.

Use the search field to look for and start tracking a task

Track time everywhere

Today, work happens everywhere. That's why you can track time at your desktop, while on the go with our mobile apps (iPhone and Android), on Slack and on Google Hangouts Chat. With the TrackingTime Button for Chrome you can even track your work hours directly in Asana, Trello, Basecamp and more than other 30 online services.

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