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Track hours manually
Track hours manually

Learn how to add, edit and review time entries.

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The Hours section is divided into 2 areas:

  1. Main pane: displays your company’s time entries in a calendar view that you can customize according to your needs.

  2. Insights pane: displays helpful graphics to help you understand how time was spent accross projects, tasks and more.

Main Pane Controls

  • Date Picker: helps you navigate your calendar.

  • Team member drop down list: select a a team member to display their time entries.

  • Preferences menu: select your favorite view and display mode.

    • View mode: choose between day, week, month or team.

    • Display size: switch between compact or large mode for time entries.

    • Display mode: select standard mode or stacked mode to see time entries arranged in stacks.

    • Snap: set it up so, that when you drag your time entries their duration will increase or decrease in predefined intervals.

Time entries

Roles: all roles

A time entry is a record with duration, start and end time. It represents the activity that a single person has done with additional information such as task/project, notes and more.

Create a time entry

Roles: all roles | Free Feature

How to add time entries:

  1. Use the Date Picker to navigate to the day, on which you would like to add a new time entry.

  2. Click on the + button on the selected day.

  3. A time entry form will be displayed where you can log or update the following details: select project and task that you'd like to add time to, specify start and end times and/or time entry duration, add notes and files to your time entry.

💡 Use Custom Fields to add additional details to your time entries such as location, billing status and more.

Schedule time entries

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

Scheduled time entries are those that you can add and will not affect your timesheets until you actually record them as worked. They are useful for tasks you intend to work on later or future events like meetings.

How to schedule time entries:

  1. In the time entry form, complete the time entry details, click on the arrow next to the Log button and select Schedule.

Add recurring time entries

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

Recurring time entries are those that will repeat over time, according to a predefined frequency like daily, weekly or monthly.

How to add recurring time entries:

  1. In the time entry form, complete the time entry details, enable the "Repeat" toggle and set the repetition frequency. Then, log it or schedule it as needed.

Edit time entries

Roles: all roles | Free Feature

How to edit registered time entries:

  1. Go to the Hours section.

  2. Click on a time entry to open it.

  3. On the time entry form you'll see all editable fields.

⚠️ For users with a coworker or project manager role, make sure your admin has given you permissions to edit time entries, otherwise the option will be disabled.

Edit time entries in batch

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

How to edit time entries in batch:

  1. In the Hours calendar, hold the Ctrl key in your keyboard and select the time entries you want to edit.

  2. A menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen with the following options: edit time entry project/task and notes, copy time entry in another day, delete time entries. Make your editions and save.

⚠️ Deleting time entries is permanent and cannot be undone.

Your team’s time entries

Roles: admins, project managers | Paid Feature

How to review your team's time entries:

  1. In the Team Member Drop Down List, select the user whose time entries you’d like to review or edit.

💡Choose the team view from the Preferences Menu to get an overview of the time entries of your whole team.

Assign work schedules to your team

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

With Work schedules, you can specify the required number of hours that team members are expected to log each day of the week. If completed, team members will see the total hours they have to log, according to their schedule in their Hours calendar.

How to see the total hours required for the day according to the schedule:

  1. In the Hours calendar, hover the mouse over the color circle next to the calendar day to see how many hours are left to log.

Learn more about Work Schedules.

Analyze your time entries with Insights

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

The Insights Pane uses the current section data to display helpful graphics that helps you understand how time was spent across projects, tasks and more.

How to display the Insights pane:

  1. In the header right side controls click on the chart icon.

Learn more about Insights.

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