Learn how to install timecards to manage clock in and clock out times for your team, as well as the breaks they take and extra hours worked.

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Timecards allow you and your team to easily track clock in and clock out times and create monthly employee reports that show not only when employees come to the office and leave, but also the breaks they take during the day and the extra hours they work.


The Timecards page is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Header: you will find the Date picker as well as the User selector. Choose a user from the drop-down list and visualize their data from the selected period of time.

  2. Sidebar: choose between visualizing your own or your team's Timecards, and also access your Timecards settings from here.

  3. Main pane: the option you select from the sidebar will be displayed here.

Enable Timecards

Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Go to Manage > Add-ons > Timecards to enable this add-on. You can enable and disable Timecards anytime, as required.

Once enabled, you'll find the Timecards report in the Reports section.

💡 To make the most of your Timecards report, make sure you have set up work schedules for your team first.

Timecards Settings

Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Customize Timecards settings according to your needs.

  • Auto-detect breaks: If the gap between a time entry and the next one is bigger than the selected minutes, timecards will automatically detect a break. The default is 15 minutes, but you can choose between 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Remind the team to submit their Timecards: Sends an email to all users 3 days before the timecard’s closing date, to remind them to verify and complete their current timecard.

  • Auto-submit Timecards: If enabled, timecards will automatically be generated for each user, on a monthly basis. Workspace administrators will receive an email notification with all generated user timecards pending approval.

  • Prevent users from editing their Timecards: These are the amount of days your team will have as time to edit their timecards, before they are submitted. If you need to do an exception, you can go to Policies>Temporal edit access.

📝 You can also add company details you would like to include in your timecards when exporting them in PDF format.

Timecards lists

My Timecards

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

Go to Reports > Timecards> My Timecards to visualize your timecards for each month of the selected year. Once you select a month, this is how the report will look:

Team's Timecards

Roles: Admins | Paid Feature

Choose a date from the Date Selector, and a user from the User drop down list, and visualize their timecards for the selected time period. You can also select Everyone from the list.

📝 Only account administrators will be able to visualize all of the team's timecards. Users with another role will only be able to see their own timecards.

Edit your Timecards

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

Automatically created timecards

We automatically generate your timecards by analyzing your time entries for the given month and your work schedule's clock in and out hours.

When opening a Timecard, you'll get a message from the system regarding the amount of hours that were detected for the month. You'll then be able to review those entries, edit them if needed, and submit them.


We also analyze all your time entries during the day to automatically detect breaks. If the gap between a time entry and the next one is bigger than n minutes, we create a new time card entry of type "Break hours".

So, for instance, if you worked from 09:00am to 10:00am on a particular task and then you worked from 10:30am to 12:00pm on something else, we'll automatically create a 30-minute break from 10:00am to 10:30am.

Extra Hours

Similarly to how we automatically detect breaks, we can also identify extra hours. An extra hour represents a time entry that's outside the regular work hours or the in/out hours specified in a user's work schedule.

If both in/out hours and work hours are set in the work schedules, the system will prioritize the in/out hours to automatically detect the extra hours.

Manually set and edit clock in and out times

If the auto-generated timecard doesn't reflect the hours actually worked by the user, you can always change the data manually.

Sometimes, employees might start working on a task a while after they actually came to the office. In this case, you can easily set the real click in and clock out times manually.

Add Breaks, Extra Hours, Holidays and Time Offs

You can manually add or update timecard entries for breaks, extra hours, paid time off and holidays, anytime, as required. When you edit timecard entries, the regular hours, extra hours, break hours and time off hours are re-calculated automatically.

Submit your Timecards

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

Once you are done editing your Timecards and making sure they are correct, you can go ahead and submit them. You'll be able to see the status of your monthly timecards by going to My Timecards or Team's Timecards.

Time Off requests in Timecards

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

If you or someone on your team requests time off in Manage > Time Off, you'll then be able to see that information reflected in your Timecards. You will not be able to create nor edit these requests from your Timecards section, only visualize them.

Export your Timecards

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

You can always export Timecards in PDF, CSV and Excel. To do so, click on "Export" and choose the format that you prefer.

Troubleshoot your Timecards

My shifts don't match my time entries

It is not expected for them to always match your tracked entries. They may vary due to your team's settings on Timecards, or by a manual change or addition of the shifts that affected the results.

I made some changes on my shifts, but now I want to get back to the ones deduced from my time entries

If the information displayed on the Timecard does not look accurate, then you have the option to regenerate the monthly Timecard. Simply click on the 3 dots menu to visualize the option.

This will remove any information you added to your timecard, and it will recalculate it from your time entries.

I submitted my Timecard by accident, and I need to update it now

If you need to further edit an already submitted Timecard, then you can use the Revert Submission button.

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