Work Schedules allow you to specify the number of hours that your employees have to work each day of the week and the time they have to clock-in and out to the office. You can set up as many schedules as you need.

Setting up work schedules

Here's a step by step guide on how to setup work schedules for your team:

  1. Go to Manage> Work Schedules.

  2. Click on "Add new schedule".

  3. Enter a name for your new schedule, e.g. "Weekly Schedule".

  4. Choose between "Week Days" or "Custom Days" and specify the in/out hours and/or the number of hours employees associated to this schedule should track.

  5. Choose the employees that you want assigned to the schedule.

  6. Notify users by email: If selected, we'll verify every day the number of hours tracked by employees the day before. If they have missing hours we'll send them an email alert reminding them to complete their timesheets.

    The frequency can be changed between every day, every week on Monday and every week on Friday.

  7. Set as default: If selected, new users added to your account will be automatically assigned to this schedule as default. You can edit users associated to a schedule anytime.

  8. Click "Save" to add the new schedule.

Note: If you are using time cards make sure to have completed the in/out hours or the work hours.

If you are using the pace report make sure to have completed the work hours.

These two reports depend on work schedules to run properly.

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