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Learn how Pace can help you and your team make sure that your timesheets are always complete.

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Every hour logged in TrackingTime is 10x more valuable than in Excel or written on a piece of paper. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your employees to keep track of each and every hour you work.

Keep up the pace!

The more hours you track, the more accurate your reports will be. That's why it's important that your team keeps tracking all their hours consistently, every day. Here's where Pace comes into play.

💡 To make the most of your Pace report, make sure you have completed the work schedules first.

The pace board

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

The Pace Board gives you a monthly overview of both scheduled and tracked hours by every team member at a glance. Missing hours can be added and existing time entries can be edited with just a few clicks. A simple color model allows you to quickly identify who's missing hours and to complete their timesheets.

Color Model

The colored dots indicate whether a person has tracked all hours she was supposed to work (green) on a given day or not (red). This is what every color means:

  • Light gray: The user has no hours scheduled for the day.

  • Dark gray:  The user has tracked hours on a day that he was supposed not to be working.

  • Light red : The user was scheduled to work, but didn't track any hours.

  • Red: The user has tracked less than 25% of his scheduled hours.

  • Yellow: The user has tracked between 25% and 50% of his scheduled hours.

  • Warm green: The user has tracked between 50% and 75% of his scheduled hours.

  • Green: The user has tracked more than 75% of his scheduled hours.

Working on

Whenever a user is working on something or his timer is on you'll see his name blinking on a bright green color and if you go over the name a box will display what he is working on and when he started.

Other options in this section

  • Click on any dot of the board to display the work activity of the selected person and date. Edit or add missing time entries as required.

  • Click on "Work Schedules" to manage your work schedules.

  • Click on the Insights button to display a series of charts that visualize your time data.

⚠️ Pace reports cannot be exported, currently. A workaround would be to open the report on a browser and print the page, using your browser's available options.

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