TrackingTime is an intuitive solution to manage time, projects, and employee attendance to improve individual efficiency and team productivity.

Time Tracking.

For time management it allows users to clock in and clock out and to add time entries that can be linked to projects and tasks. 

Desktop and mobile apps are available to track time right from the desktop pc and from everywhere as well as many integrations to connect TrackingTime with productivity websites.

Project billing and budgeting.

For a better organization of the daily work projects and tasks can be added and shared with the team. These may include time budgets, due dates and rates for project billing and budgeting. Furthermore, users can add custom fields to create their own data structure.

Timesheets and reports.

To export detailed time data in a professional way timesheets reports can be customized to get important information for project billing and budgeting, payroll and productivity, to share with clients and colleagues or for internal use.

Shared reports.

If you want to share your time data online with clients and colleagues you can create masterful shared reports with relevant data and colorful time charts.

Invoicing (Beta)

Use invoices to bill your worked hours to your clients. Customize your invoices templates with your business identity and store them in your account.

Team performance and employee monitoring.

The reports and dashboards provide an overview of time distribution between tasks, projects, clients, and insights about team performance.

Attendance reporting.

For employee attendance time cards are available to be completed and submitted on a daily basis to report regular hours, overtime, breaks, and time off according to work schedules.

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