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Create professional invoices with customized templates and share them online with your customers.

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This article refers to the way you can generate invoices from TrackingTime to bill your clients. If you are looking for information about your Billing History in TrackingTime, or anything else regarding your subscription, please proceed to this article below:

Enable invoicing

Roles: admins | Paid Feature

To install the invoicing feature, go to Manage / add-ons and enable it.

Customize your invoice templates

Add your company or account logo, and billing details, and select a color for your invoice template. You can also set up default taxes for your invoices if needed.

You can always update these settings in the future.

⚠️ As soon as you install the add-on, you’ll find the Invoices option in the Manage section, of your TrackingTime account.

Create an invoice

Go to Manage> Invoices and add a new invoice.

A new tab will pop up with the template that you previously created with the color, logo, taxes, and billing information.

Fill in the required data and save the invoice when you finish.

📝 You can modify the currency and language of each invoice.

Invoice status

When you are done with your invoice, you can save it as a draft or mark it as finished.

When your invoice is finished, it will be marked as Open. You can change the status to Paid, Void, and Uncollectible.

You can also revert the status to Draft and duplicate the invoice.

📝 An open invoice that has a due date in the past, will be shown as Overdue.

Export your invoices

Click on the three dots menu to visualize all available exporting options:

💡 You can export your invoices as CSV and then import them directly into your Quickbooks account.

Create an invoice from your timesheets

When all your billable hours are logged and your timesheets are complete, you can use that information to create an invoice to bill your clients.

How to create an invoice from a timesheet:

  1. In Reports / Timesheets generate a report. Remember to use the date picker to select the correct time range and the filters to exclude the information you don't need.

  2. Go to the export section and click on "Invoice"

  3. A pop-up with options will show up: "Group by" to gather together the hours by project, task, user or none and "Mark time entries as billed" when the invoice is created.

  4. Click on Create to get your invoice. In the invoice, you can edit the currency, tax rate, language, billing details, payment details, and your client billing details.

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