Add and manage professional invoices with customized templates and share them online with your customers.

Enable Invoicing.

To enable the invoicing feature go to Manage / add-ons and install it.

Customize your invoice templates.

Add your company logo, billing details and select a color for your invoice template. You can always update this settings in the future.

As soon as you install the add-on you’ll find the invoices section in the Docs tab.

Create an invoice.

Go to the Docs / invoices tab and add a new invoice.

A new tab will pop-up with the template that you previously created with the color, logo and billing information.

Fill in the required data and save the invoice when you finish.

Invoice status.

All your invoices will be saved as draft. When you are done with your invoice revision mark it as complete.

When your invoice is completed it will be marked as Open. You can change the status to Paid, Void, Uncollectible and revert to Draft.

Share your invoices.

Click on the “sharing” button to get a link to send the invoice to your customer or download it in PDF.

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