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Customize and share your reports online, in a few clicks.

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Generate a link to share your TrackingTime reports and time charts, online, with your colleagues. Adjust the report's layout to create beautiful and colorful designs!

Create a shared report

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

In the Timesheets, Project Reports and Dashboard reports you’ll find a Share button.

How to create a Shared Report:

  1. Click on “Share” after you finish creating your report.

  2. Give it a title and a description.

  3. Enable Live Report if you'd like your report to update once there's new data, even after exporting it.

  4. Optional: Mark the box if you'd like to allow your coworkers to modify the date range once the report is exported.

  5. Click on Create.

📝 All your shared reports will be saved and shown in the Shared Reports section.

Next to the report, you will find the automatically generated link that you can copy and send to your colleagues.

Schedule your shared report

You can choose to have your shared reports be sent out automatically, to selected users in your workspace, on selected dates and times.

How to schedule a shared report:

  1. Go the Shared Reports section.

  2. Under the Scheduled column, click on the icon next to your chosen report.

  3. Fill in report Title and choose a date and the frequency of the repetition.

  4. After selecting the recipients, click on Schedule.

  5. Optional: Click on Preview to first receive an email containing a preview of the created report.

💡 You can read more about scheduling reports here.

Customize the layouts before sharing

You can share the default layout, or you can create yours. Find out below how you can improve your reports using TrackingTime.

Title and description

  • Pick color & pattern: optionally add colorful patterns to your title layout. You can also choose to display or hide your account logo.

  • Title: we’ll give the title a generic name by default but you can also modify it here.

  • Description: if needed, include a summary or more details about the report.

Report content

The report blocks can be customized by adding headings and paragraphs, rearranging their order and even removing them.

  • Add blocks to include headings and brief summaries of the time data and graphs contained in the report, or remove them at your earliest convenience.

  • Rearrange the blocks' order to put the important information, at the top. Click on the Drag icon and drop it wherever you'd like to insert the block.

Settings and permissions

Save your layout, edit permissions and see who has viewed your report.

  • When you finish up customizing the layout, make sure to save your changes in the settings at the top, or cancel if you want to discard them.

  • Visualize your report's creation and edition dates and the total views.

  • Decide whether to export into a public URL for sharing or keep it private.

💡Give permission to your account teammates to view and edit the document for collaboration.

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