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Decide which add-ons and features are useful for you, and enable them to use them accordingly. Get and install all of our available features using our listed add-ons.


The Add-ons page is divided into 2 areas:

  1. Sidebar: Choose to visualize the available Add-ons settings.

  2. Main pane: The Add-on you select from the sidebar will be displayed here.

    • Invoicing: Create and send invoices to your clients.

    • Timecards: Customize auto-detectable breaks and manage your employee's attendance.

    • Attendance: Add and edit time offs, time off types and holidays

    • Rates & costs: Add rates to your projects, tasks and users.

    • Audit Trail: Find your employee's logs at anytime and supervise all actions.

    • Beta testing: Get access to new features before anyone else and helps us improve TrackingTime.

Enable the add-ons

Roles: Admin

Install add-ons from Manage>Add-ons. Go to the sidebar, click on the add-on of your interest and switch on their correspondent toggle.



Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Create professional invoices with customized templates and share them online with your customers.

Available actions:

  • Create personalized invoice templates.

  • Add invoices.

  • Change invoice statuses.

  • Duplicate invoices.

  • Share and export invoices

  • Create an invoice from your timesheets

📝 Learn more about this add-on by visiting our Invoices guide.


Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Track clock in and clock out times and create monthly employee reports that show you employee attendance.

Available actions:

  • Add daily clock in and clock out times manually or automatically.

  • Detect breaks and extra hours.

  • Add breaks, extra hours and time-offs manually.

  • Export your team's time cards.

📝 Learn more about this add-on by visiting our Timecards guide.


Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Manage your team's time offs and holidays natively or with third party apps.

Available actions:

  • Manage time off types.

  • Manage holidays.

  • Sync time offs and time off types automatically from Bamboo HR or Factorial.

📝 Learn more about this add-on by visiting our Time off guide.

Rates & costs

Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

Add hourly rate and fixed rate to your projects and tasks, and hourly rate and hourly cost to users. This can be useful for project billing, budgeting and payroll.

Available actions:

  • Add hourly rate and fixed rate to projects.

  • Add hourly rate to tasks and mark them as billable/non-billable.

  • Add hourly rate and hourly cost to users.

  • See totals in your timesheets and reports.

📝 Learn more about this add-on by visiting our Rates & Costs guide.

Audit Trail

Roles: Admins | Business Feature

Find valuable insights about your employee's behavior and detect suspicious activities or even diagnose issues within your TrackingTime account.

If an employee edit his time data, you can detect it right away, and will know exactly when each project and task is created and if someone accidentally deletes a task you can automatically determine the date and time of deletion using audit trail.

Available actions:

  • Time period selector: choose the period of time that you need to audit.

  • Filter by user: select all or one user from the drop-down list to make your audit more specific.

  • Activity: see the name of the action performed by the user e.g. Project Add, Project Close, Event Delete, etc.

  • Detailed information: see the date and time when the activity took place and the IP address from where it was made.

  • Description: click on the activity to get a complete description about the time data edition.

Beta testing

Access our new features that are not available in our production environment and be one of the first ones to use them.

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