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Team, roles & permissions
Team, roles & permissions

Learn how to manage your team, invites and permissions.

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The team section contains:

  1. Header: On the left, there is the dropdown list to display active or archived team members and on the right, there is the button to invite new team members.

  2. Team member list: a list of all the current team members' emails, invitation status, roles, schedules, hourly rates, and costs.

  3. Team member detail: access to team member permissions, information, rates, and reports. When you select one, you'll see their settings in the main pane.

Invite team members

Roles: admin | All Plans

This is how administrators can invite team members to join the workspace.

How to invite team members:

  1. In the header right side controls, click on 'Invite teammates'

  2. Enter the email addresses of the team members you'd like to invite to your account. Use the enter key to enter more than one email address.

  3. Click on ‘Invite Teammates'.

  4. Customize the user roles for each of the invitees.

📝 We'll send email invites to the entered email addresses with further instructions for the new users on how to set up their accounts. Specifically, they’ll be required to click on the invite link they received per email, enter their username, and create a password.

💡 You don’t need to wait for new users to set up their accounts. Once you’ve sent out the invites, you can already start assigning projects and tasks to them.

Send invite link by email

Roles: admin | All Plans

If your team members are having trouble receiving their email invites and their invitation status is pending, you can send an invitation link by email.

How to send invite links to team members:

  1. In the "invitation status" column, click on "Pending"

  2. Copy the link to the clipboard.

  3. Paste it on an email and send it to the team member.

⚠️ If you've sent an invite to a coworker, and they still have not accepted it, you'll be able to visualize the Delete User button to erase the granted access. It is not possible to delete users that have already accepted the invite, only to archive.

Archive and reactivate team members

Roles: admin | All Plans

By archiving a team member, all their current active tasks will be automatically marked as completed and their access to your workspace will be blocked so that the team member won’t be able to log in again into your company workspace.

Archiving users in TrackingTime is the equivalent to deleting them but better, as you get to keep their data in your system, in case it's needed for reports!

How to archive team members:

  1. In the header left side controls select the status "active"

  2. Select the team members you’d like to archive by checking the checkboxes on your left.

  3. Click on the ‘Archive’ button.

  4. A confirmation dialogue will appear. Confirm by clicking again on the ‘Archive’ button.

💡 Useful for when an employee no longer works at your company, and you want to remove their access from your workspace but still want to preserve all their completed tasks, timesheets, etc.

📝 The user who is currently set up as the account owner cannot be archived.

How to unarchive team members:

  1. In the header left side controls select the status "archived"

  2. Select the team members you’d like to unarchive by checking the checkboxes on your left.

  3. Click on the 'Unarchive' button.

⚠️ If you’re subscribed to our PRO user plan, you’re charged by active user. This means that archiving and re-activating users affects your monthly subscription costs.

Team member roles

Roles: admin | Paid feature

There are three team member roles with different permission levels: Administrator, Project Manager, and Coworker:

  • Coworkers: can only track time and edit tasks on projects they have been assigned to, and can only see their own time. You can set further permissions for this role:

    • Can edit time entries: allows the coworker to add and edit time entries, if this option is not checked they will be only able to track with the timer.

    • Can edit tasks: allows the coworker to edit task details, re-assign them, and delete them.

    • Can edit projects: allows the coworker to edit project details, re-assign them, and delete them.

  • Project managers can view and edit all projects, create timesheets and reports, and delegate tasks to existent coworkers.

  • Administrators can do all of the above and also invite people to join the account (only account administrators can invite teammembers), see and edit rates and costs, edit account details and settings, as well as cancel their TrackingTime account.

How to change team member role:

  1. Click on the team member you want to edit.

  2. In the team detail sidebar, go to "Permissions"

  3. Select the role from the drop-down list.

  4. If you select ‘Coworker’ you can specify if this user can edit time entries, projects, and tasks.

⚠️ Role assignment is a PRO and Business feature! Roles cannot be modified on a Free account, and Admin roles will be assigned to every user on the Free workspace.

Projects access

Roles: admin | Paid feature

Admins can select the active projects that coworkers should have access to. Team members with the coworker role need to have access to the projects and be assigned to the tasks to be able to track time against them.

How to grant or revoke project access:

  1. Click on the team member you want to edit.

  2. In the 'Permissions' section, find the advanced permissions to select the projects you want this user to have access to.

📝 Advanced permissions can only be applied to Co-workers. There is currently no way to apply permissions to Project Managers.

Rates & Costs

Roles: admin | Paid feature

The Rates & Costs add-on allows you to set hourly rate and hourly cost to your employees.

Each user has a rate/cost assigned to them currently, but may have a different one in the past or in the future. These rates changes will be represented in TrackingTime with validity periods.

How to add a new cost and rates period for an employee:

  1. From the Team section, select the employee you want to edit.

  2. Scroll down to the Rates & Costs section and click on Edit.

  3. Click on +Add New Period.

  4. Input the Start date and the new cost and rate.

  5. Click on Save.

Work Schedules

Roles: admin | Paid feature

You can easily add an employee to an existing Work Schedule in your workspace, directly from the Team section, of your TrackingTime account.

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