Hours gives you an overview of all work activities tracked by a member of your team in a selected time period. Choose between daily, weekly and monthly views and manually add and edit time entries with ease.

How to add time entries step by step:

  1. Go to Hours.

  2. Select a user from the drop-down list.

  3. Select a date by clicking on the date label or by using the arrow buttons to move back and forward.

  4. Choose the view that better suits your needs: daily, weekly or monthly.

  5. Add or edit time entries as required. You can edit the duration of a time entry  simply by dragging and dropping the bottom of the entry. Or, just click on an entry to open a pop-up where you can edit all its details. To add a new entry, use the + button.

Daily view

The daily view offers a quick overview of all hours tracked by a user on a given day. The monthly calendar displayed on your left-hand side shows you how many hours the user has tracked each day of the currently selected month.

The colored dots show you tracked hours versus scheduled hours per day and tells you in a glimpse if the user has any missing hours. Please refer to this article to learn how to set up work schedules for your team.

Weekly view

In the weekly view, you can move time entries from their current day to another per drag and drop. This comes in handy if you find entries tracked with the wrong date.

Note: Time entries are displayed in the color assigned to the entry's project. You can assign a color to a project in the Projects section.

Monthly view

The monthly view shows you all hours tracked by a user in the selected month. Click on a time entry to edit its duration, linked task or to add a note.  


Use the Insights button to display charts showing time spent across different users, projects, tasks and more.

Edit time entries in batch

You can mass edit, copy and delete time entries, just turn on the edition button to begin or press Ctrl in your keyboard.

Edit notes

Bulk select time entries to add or edit notes.

Copy time entries

Bulk select time entries to copy and paste them into a different day.

Delete time entries

Bulk select time entries to permanently delete them. Please remember that this action cannot be undone.

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