Timesheets: Audits

Learn how to easily fix inconsistent time entries in your timesheets.

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Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

The audit module helps you make sure that your report data is consistent and accurate. When you build a timesheet, the system will audit it automatically and show you how many time entries don't meet the following criteria: projects with no customer, projects with no service, tasks with no project, short time entries, long time entries, tasks with no billing info.

How to customize your audits:

  1. In the header right side controls, click on "Audits".

  2. Select the criteria you want to apply by enabling or disabling the rules.

  3. If required, specify the duration in hours or minutes of long and short time entries.

Fix inconsistent time entries

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

If the time entries are inconsistent, then you can manually edit them to meet the criteria.

How to fix inconsistent time entries:

  1. In Audits, click on "Fix entries" to the right of the audit criteria.

  2. A pop-up window will appear and list all the inconsistent time entries for you to edit and make them match the criteria.

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