Track your time, manage your working pace and edit projects, tasks and time entries from the comfort of your desktop – without having to open yet another browser tab! 

Download the TrackingTime Desktop app for Windows or Mac to your PC.

Note: Here's a step by step guide on how to install the app on macOS.

Main Features

Here's an overview of the main TrackingTime features available in the desktop app.

  • Track in real time: Get your timer started and choose your projects and tasks from the activities selector. 

  • Pace: Keep an eye on your weekly activity through the top section of the app. 

  • Edit time entries: Add and edit your time entries manually. This is useful when you forget to track some work or want to edit existing time entries.  

  • Edit tasks and projects: Click on the menu at the bottom right corner to add new tasks and projects.  

  • Shortcut to the web app: Get access to your web dashboard through the menu at the bottom right. 

  • Cloud sync: All tasks, time entries, etc. are seamlessly synced with your cloud-based TrackingTime account across all your devices. 

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