Manage your clients and projects.

  • Start by adding a new project and categorize it by client if needed.
  • Set up some tasks into the project. Add hourly rates, due dates and time budgets to each of them.

Track time everywhere.

  • Track time starting the Timer and choosing the task you will be working on. Stop it when you finish and a new time entry will be created in your timesheet.
  • Add and edit your time entries manually in your calendar in Hours.
  • For more convenience, install the desktop assistant to keep track of your time right from your desktop pc and get the mobile app to track time everywhere.

Get timesheets and evidence your achievements.

  • Check the dashboard and reports to see your activity and work progress.
  • Finally see your time breakdown in timesheets to analyze your productivity and to send accurate billing reports to your clients. Run audits and export them in your favorite professional format.
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