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Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration
Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

Learn how to sync your Microsoft and Google Calendar events with TrackingTime.

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Import your Google and Microsoft Outlook Calendar events right into your timesheet. Using this integration, you can automatically include all of your work-related events in TrackingTime, such as meetings, calls and presentations.

How to connect your Calendar with TrackingTime

  1. Go to your calendar settings and turn on your favorite Calendar.

  2. Log into your Google or Microsoft account and then grant TrackingTime permission to connect.

  3. All your calendars will be displayed for you to choose which one to import the events from. Turn on the calendar you want to sync. We suggest you add your work related calendar.

  4. Sync task: choose a TrackingTime task in which your calendar hours will be allocated into.

  5. Sync since: select the date from which we should import your events.

  6. Auto log events: if enabled, all your events will be logged, this means that the hours will be automatically added to your timesheets. If disabled, all your events will be imported as "scheduled events" and you will have to save them when they are done, so they are added to your timesheets.

📝 The first sync can take a couple of hours, please be patient! 😊

Calendar Rules

The following rules apply to both Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar integration.

  • The events you update in TrackingTime will not be overwritten by subsequent changes you make to your Calendar.

  • Events deleted in TrackingTime will no longer be synced with your Calendar.

  • When you update an event in your Calendar, TrackingTime will automatically update as well.

  • Events deleted in your Calendar will also be deleted in TrackingTime in the subsequent sync.

  • This is not a two-way sync: events created in TrackingTime will not import into your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

How to disconnect your Google and Microsoft Outlook Calendar

  1. In your calendar settings, turn off your calendar.

  2. You will then be asked whether you want to keep the calendar events or delete them all from TrackingTime. Select your preference.

⚠️ This action cannot be undone.

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