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Calendar integration troubleshooting
Calendar integration troubleshooting
If you are having issues integrating your calendar with TrackingTime, then please try these troubleshooting steps to fix them.
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Wrong timezone

If you are visualizing the wrong timezone in your calendar' events, then please do send us the following information so we can study it:

  • Full screenshot showing your calendar events in Google or Microsoft for comparison.

  • Full screenshot of your TrackingTime page showing which events display an incorrect timezone.

  • Let us know which timezone you have set in your Google/Microsoft Calendar account and in your TrackingTime settings.

Duplicated events

If after integrating your calendar with TrackingTime, all of your events are duplicated, then please do try the following troubleshooting:

If you have previously unlinked your calendar, please keep in mind whether you selected KEEP at the moment of unlinking, or DELETE.

If you selected KEEP, you will have to delete these duplicated events, manually. Further synced events will not appear duplicated.

If you selected DELETE, then you will have to send us the following information, so we can fix the issue for you:

  • Full screenshot of your page showing the linked calendar with duplicated events.

  • Full screenshot showing the duplicated events.

I can't visualize all of my events

If you are not able to visualize all of your calendar events in your TrackingTime account, then please do send us the following information so we can fix it:

  • Full screenshot of your calendar page, showing all of the missing events, and the calendar which they are part of.

  • Date and time of the missing events.

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