The account activity panel helps you visualize how your hours are spent. You can view working hours by employees, projects, clients or services and choose a pre-defined time period (this week, this month, etc.) or select custom dates.

Worked hours by employee

This chart shows you the pulse of your company. You can see total hours per day, grouped by user, while the trend line shows the total company time per day.

Worked hours by projects

This chart shows you how time is distributed across your active projects.This is great for service-oriented companies who work on many projects for different clients. Hover your mouse over a chart line to display more details.

Worked hours by clients

This chart shows you how your company time is distributed across the different clients you served during a given time period.

Worked hours by services

This chart shows you how time is distributed across the services your company offers.

Projects, clients and services overview

This visualization shows you an overview of all your running projects, active clients you’re currently working for, as well as a breakdown of the services you’re offering to them. You can see the total amount of hours worked for each specific client, services or project. The trend bar (here in green) compares total time spent on an project, client or service against the rest.

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