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Find out what projects and tasks your teammates are working on and how they spend their time.

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Using this report, you will see a snapshot of your team's work: how many hours they spent on each client, project, and task, as well as how many tasks are still in progress, close, or overdue.

You can find the user report in the main menu, under the reports section.

Roles: Admins, Project Managers | Paid Feature

About the user report

User's performance

On the left, you will find the Summary. It will display the average workdays, the average clock in and clock out times, and the total hours worked for the date range selected. Use the date range picker to change the time period that you want to analyze.

The chart to the right will show you how the users allocate their time across projects and tasks. You can hover your mouse over the chart to see more details.

User's total hours worked

You will be able to see how many hours the user has committed to each project and each client over the selected period.

Status of user's tasks

You can navigate between the tabs to see what is in progress, completed, and overdue.

Export the user report

In the section header right controls, you’ll find two options to export the report:

  • Share

You can customize and share your users' reports online with your colleagues with a link.

  • Timesheet

The Timesheet button gives you access to a detailed timesheet report filtered by the user.

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