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Project List View

Use the list view to visualize all of your project's tasks, as a list, all in one place.

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Here you'll be able to display all of your project's tasks, in a task list form, along with their details.

The list view contains:

  1. Main pane: shows your assigned tasks.

  2. Header right side controls:

    Sort: arrange by Open or All tasks, which includes both Open and Closed tasks.

    Add task: add a new task, add multiple tasks, add a new task list.

To display a project in list view, simply choose "List" when adding it or switch to the "List" tab anytime.

Available actions

  • Add task lists by scrolling down the page and hovering over an empty space.

  • Easily add tasks and edit them, anytime, by clicking on them.

  • Assign people to tasks.

  • Quickly change the due date of the task without opening it.

💡 Lists will be shown as Columns on the Board view.

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