Project Timeline View

The Timeline [beta] provides a simple visual overview of a project from start to end, showing when tasks begin and when they are due.

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The Timeline improves team communication by making everyone aware of the entire work plan. With the Timeline you’ll be able to create a roadmap for your project, plan events in advance and enhance project management.

The timeline view is helpful for:

  • Defining the extension of the project.

  • Setting the task’s start and end date.

  • Checking the order of tasks and looking for overlaps.

  • Improving project planning and communication.

How to use the Timeline

Define the extension of your projects

Set your timeline to show weekly, monthly, or yearly views of your projects based on their duration. The view can be updated at any time.

Schedule your tasks

You can add an existing task or create a new one by clicking on a date in the timeline. Task due dates are automatically set based on their end date. It is important to note that only tasks you add to your timeline will be displayed.

Edit your tasks

In your timeline view, drag your tasks to define their extension, and click on them to edit all their attributes.

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