Project Board View

Use the board view to organize and visualize your projects in the most efficient way.

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The board is a visual tool to manage projects and workflows using columns and cards based on the Kanban methodology. It helps teams to see work progress and to identify bottlenecks.

In TrackingTime the columns are task lists and the cards are tasks.

To display a project in board view, simply choose "Board" when adding it or switch to the "Board" tab anytime.

Available actions

  • Add columns (task lists) and cards (tasks) and edit them anytime.

  • Assign people to tasks using the plus sign in each card.

  • Change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping.

  • Move the cards along the board by dragging and dropping.

There are many ways to use boards.

We show you some examples about how you can implement TrackingTime boards.

  • To organize tasks and goals by teams.

  • To better visualize workflows and project stages.

  • To organize a project by time periods.

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