The audit module helps you make sure that your report data is consistent and accurate. It allows to spot time entries that don't meet certain criteria automatically, which you can then manually edit to meet your requirements.

When you build a report, the system will audit it automatically and show you how many entries don't meet your criteria:

  • Projects with no customer

  • Projects with no service

  • Tasks with no project

  • Short time entries

  • Long time entries

  • Tasks with no billing info

Customize your audits

  1. Click on the Audit button

  2. Select the criteria you want to apply by enabling or disabling the rules.

  3. If required, specify the duration in hours or minutes of long and short time entries

Fix inconsistent time entries

To fix time entries that have been identified as inconsistent after the audit, you can simply click on Fix Entries next to the audit criteria. A pop-up will be displayed listing all time entries in your report that currently don't meet the selected criterium and you'll be able to edit them.

For e.g. "projects with no customer":

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