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I invited an employee to my team, but he can't see any of my projects or tasks
I invited an employee to my team, but he can't see any of my projects or tasks
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In case you have recently invited an employee to join your team, but they are still unable to view your projects and tasks, you're in the right place. We'll learn the two most common scenarios, in which you might run into this issue –– and find out how to solve it.

The user has logged into a different workspace

TrackingTime offers multi-account support. This means that a user with a unique email address can access different workspaces.

Make sure your employee is logged into your TrackingTime workspace. The company name you set up for your workspace will be displayed in the user's workspace switcher. The workspace switcher is automatically displayed in the top left corner of the screen when a user belongs to more than one account.

The user doesn't have enough permissions

TrackingTime offers different user roles and permissions that allow workspace administrators to specify what features individuals have access to.

When setting up a new project, please make note of the type of project you are creating. Projects can either be set as Public or Private.

Users set up as administrators or project managers will have access to all projects in your workspace. On the other hand, users set up as coworkers will only visualize projects set as Public. If you want a coworker to be able to see or edit a Private project, you'll have to grant them permissions (assigning a task to them, or including them on the project list of allowed users).

Here's how to grant project permissions to a specific user.

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