Enter your name and email address so that the rest of your team can easily identify you inside the TrackingTime account. You can update following settings anytime.

  • Name: Enter your first name

  • Last name: Enter your family name

  • Email: Enter a valid email address for your account. You’ll use this to sign in and also to receive notifications and important updates from TrackingTime.

  • Google Sign In: link or remove access to your Google account.

  • Display: Choose between light and dark mode for the user interface.

Note: Email addresses are unique within TrackingTime.

Upload your profile picture

  1. Click on the profile image.

  2. Select the file you want to use as your profile image. We support the standard image formats JPG, PNG and GIF.

  3. Click upload. That’s it.

Note: We support Gravatar. If you have a Gravatar account under the same email address you used to sign up for your TrackingTime account we’ll automatically pull your profile image from Gravatar.

Change your password

To update your password click on the "Change password" button and write your new password. Don't forget to save your changes!

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