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Factorial Add-on

Sync time offs and holidays automatically from Factorial.

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Easily track your team's attendance directly from TrackingTime, and sync your team's time off data, automatically from Factorial.


Enable Factorial

Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

How to enable our integration with Factorial:

  1. Click on Attendance.

  2. Switch on the add-on Factorial to enable it!

💡 You can also directly import users from Factorial!

Integrate your Factorial data with TrackingTime

The add-on will automatically export and sync the following data from the selected Factorial account:

  • Users: Users from Factorial will be automatically mapped to users in TrackingTime. Users need to be registered under the same email address in both Factorial and TrackingTime.

  • Time offs: All account time offs with status “Approved” will be synced in TrackingTime. Rejected or canceled time offs won’t be included in the synchronization process. If an already exported time off is rejected, it will be deleted in TrackingTime.

  • Time off types: All available Factorial time off types will be exported to and synced with TrackingTime.

  • Public Holidays: All public holidays added in Factorial will be synced and exported to TrackingTime.

Updates on your Factorial account

Updates in Factorial’s supported data will be automatically synced in TrackingTime on a daily basis.

  • When a time off is updated in Factorial, it will be updated in TrackingTime.

  • When a time off type is updated or deleted in Factorial, it will be updated or deleted in TrackingTime.

  • Factorial users will be mapped in TrackingTime, but not synced, i.e. if a Factorial user’s information is updated (name, surname, email, etc.) or deleted in Factorial, the changes won’t be synced in TrackingTime.

Visualize your team's Factorial requests

Roles: Admin | Paid Feature

All time off requests exported from Factorial will be displayed in TrackingTime. However, time off data exported from Factorial cannot be edited in TrackingTime (one-way synchronization), so the editing fields for these requests will be blocked. This makes sure that you keep managing your time offs in one place.

To visualize these Factorial requests, go to Manage > Time Off > Requests or to the Hours section. In Hours, select a date from the Date Selector first. If you click on a day with a time off assigned, you'll be redirected to the Factorial page.

💡 You can also request a Factorial time off, directly from TrackingTime!

In the Hours section, click on Time off>Request on Factorial, and you'll be redirected to the Factorial page!

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