AutoTrack automatically records the activity on your computer during your work day to help you improve your time tracking.

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AutoTrack is a feature in the TrackingTime desktop application that records user activity on the computer. It's like an assistant that tracks time so you don't have to! This information is only visible to the user and it will not be shared with anyone else. It will not leave your computer, as it's saved locally to guarantee 100% privacy.

The information registered here serves to remind the user what they been working on. It will help them load their hours in a more precise way, and without the need to load them instantly or to track time in real time.


The AutoTrack section contains:

  1. Header: select a day using the Date picker, or use the Today button to go back to today's activity. Use the Refresh button to update the information displayed. You can also choose between large and compact display size.

  2. Sidebar: shows a list of the tasks worked on, for the selected day.

  3. Main pane: visualize all of the computer activity for the selected day.

Enable AutoTrack in your computer

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

How to enable AutoTrack:

  1. Click on the AutoTrack icon at the top right corner of your TrackingTime app.

  2. Click Turn On.

  3. Set up when you want AutoTrack to register your activity. Options are On working hours, Always and Never.

📝 When choosing "On working hours", AutoTrack will identify as work hours the ones you set up in your Work Schedules.

Snooze AutoTrack

In the enabling section, you'll be able to choose a snoozing option. Select a snooze period, in which AutoTrack will stop registering your computer activity. The options are 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour and Until tomorrow.

Customize your AutoTrack display

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

Configure your AutoTrack display according to your preferences. These are the settings available:

  • Compact: displays the time entries' details in 1 hour blocks

  • Large: more detailed time information for your time entries

  • Columns: select the amount of columns in which the information will be displayed

  • Treshold: group`time entries and round them according to the following time periods: 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.

  • Hidden apps: If you do not want AutoTrack to register your activity in certain websites, simply type their URL in this section. You can also hide an app, directly by clicking on the app icon and then on the Hide app button.

⚠️ To delete a hidden app, simply remove the URL from the list.

View your computer activity

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

In the main pane, you can view all the activity logs that AutoTrack has automatically recorded on your computer. Hover over the app icons to view the activity details. The Browser or app title will be shown along with the name of the task or event worked on. Total amount of time, and start and end times, will also be displayed.

Click on an app icon to view the information of all the events worked on or all the visited websites, for the selected range.

You can also easily add time entries, directly from the sidebar, based on the activities registered by AutoTrack! Click on an hour to add a time entry for a task or project you worked on.

View your activity in Hours

Roles: All roles | Paid Feature

When using the web version of TrackingTime, look for the AutoTrack icon in your time entries, in the Hours section of your account! If you have activity registered in AutoTrack, then you'll be able to easily access that activity, directly from Hours.

How to view your AutoTrack information:

  1. Hover over the AutoTrack icon to visualize the shortcut.

  2. Click on the View Activity button to go to TrackingTime's desktop app.

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