Create a new timesheet template

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

Timesheet templates are pre-formatted timesheets that you can reuse later and share with your team.

How to create a new template:

  1. Customize your timesheets: combine filters and groups, add columns.

  2. In the header left side controls click on "Untitled Report" and give a name to your report.

  3. Click on Save to save current settings as a template.

Apply a timesheet template

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

How to load an existing template:

  1. On the header left side controls, click on the button to the left of "Untitled Report" to display all the saved templates.

  2. Click on the template to apply its settings to the current time data.

💡Tip: Apart from the saved templates we offer you a number of top used templates that you can select from the "suggested templates" list and use them anytime.

Share a timesheet template

Roles: all roles | Paid Feature

How to share a template:

  1. On the list of saved templates, click on the "user icon" to the right of the template name to share or unshare it with all the team members of your workspace.

📝 Note: the templates that are shared with you will appear under the "team templates" list.

💡Tip: if you need to share your template with some team members but not all what you can do is to copy and send each of them the URL of your current template.

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