Creating complex timesheets by combining many filters and groups can take time and effort. That’s why you can save your report settings as a template for future reference. You can also share them!

Here's how to create a new template:

  1. Customize your timesheets by adding or removing filters, groups, columns, etc.

  2. Click on Untitled Report and give a name to your report.

  3. Click on Save current settings as a template.

  4. Enter a name for your template.

  5. Click on the Add button.

Load an existing template

To load a template simply click on one of your saved templates. To delete a template use the trash button displayed next to the template name.

Suggested Templates

We offer you a number of top used templates that can apply to your needs and that you can select from the "suggested" list and use them anytime.

Share your templates

Share your timesheets templates with your team

Go to your saved templates list and share a template. You will see which one is being shared at the moment.

Share your timesheets URL

Copy your timesheet URL and send it to other TrackingTime users to share the parameters (groups, filters, dates, etc) of your timesheets reports.

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