Pricing is as simple as it gets: you pay just $7 per active user per month and can add, archive and re-activate users anytime- as required.

Fair Billing Policy

User fees are calculated based on the current number of active users in your account.

For example, say you have only one active user in your account and you're billed $7 on the 1st of each month. Every month, we'd automatically create an invoice for your monthly subscription and charge your card on file this amount.

Adding and re-activating users

Let's say halfway through your plan’s billing cycle (for example on the 15th of November) you invite an additional user to join your account. Now you owe $3.5 (7 / 2) for the additional user for the time period between Nov 15 and Nov 30. An invoice will be automatically generated on Nov 15 and you’ll be billed for $3.5.

So, on December 1st you'll be billed $14 for the monthly subscription for two users (from Dec 1 to Dec 31)

The same logic applies when you re-activate a user who was previously archived.

Archiving users

Proration doesn't work when archiving users. 

For instance, if you started your current billing cycle with 2 users and half way through it you decide to archive one user, the change will be reflected in your next invoice and you’ll be billed for only one user in the following billing cycle.

If during a billing cycle you:

  1. Add a new user.

  2. Archive a user.

  3. Add a new user.

You will only be billed for an additional user.

The annual plan

Do you want to save money and make your book keeping easier? Then subscribe to an annual plan!

When paying annually, you'll get two months free. And you'll only need to book one invoice per year instead of 12.

The annual subscription fee for TrackingTime PRO is $60 / user / year. This is equivalent to $5 / user / month instead of the regular monthly fee of $7 / user / month.

Here's how to switch to the annual plan.

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