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Domain Management

Register your organization's domains to manage how users with verified emails are handled.

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Sometimes your users will accidentally sign up for TrackingTime, creating an unnecessary and unwanted workspace instead of joining your company workspace. This can result in some confusion and the need to delete the unwanted workspace.

To avoid this, you can enable Domain Capture in your workspace and automatically capture your users when they sign up for TrackingTime.

How to enable Domain Capture

Roles: admins | PRO Feature

To enable Domain Capture in your workspace, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Domain management.

  2. Add your domain, e.g. “”.

  3. Verify that the domain you added is really yours. Depending on which Identiy Provider you’re using, you can do this with either Microsoft or Google.

  4. Turn Domain Capture on. You can switch it back off any time as you see fit.

  5. Specify the default user role for captured users. The default value is Project Manager.

Now, when users from your domain signup for TrackingTime, they will be shown the option to join your verified workspace. In case they need to, they can also choose to create a separate workspace of their own.

⚠️ To enable Domain Caputure you need to sign in using your Microsoft or Google account. This feature is not available for Apple users or those who sign up for TrackingTime using their email address.


What happens when a user is automatically captured?

When new users decide to join your verified workspace while signing up for TrackingTime, they will be automatically added to your workspace and are ready to start tracking, no setup required. Every time a new user joins your workspace, you’ll be billed the prorated rate for the new user as if they were invited by you. Please refer to this page to learn more about how pricing and proration work.

Can I add multiple domains?

Yes, you can add as many domains as you use in your company. However, please note that you need to verify each of them using the correct Identity Provider (Microsoft or Google).

Can I verify my domain without using Microsoft or Google?

No, web domain verification is currently not available. Users who don’t use Microsoft or Google as their identity providers will be able to verify their web domains using a DNS record in a future release. While this feature is already in our pipeline, we don’t have an ETA for its release yet.

What happens when I disable Domain Capture?

When you disable the Domain Capture feature in your workspace, new users will not be autoamtically captured when they sign up for TrackingTime. All existing users in your workspace will still be able to sign in and work as usual. You can enable and disable Domain Capture anytime as you see fit.

My domain is already taken. What now?

In case that you’re trying to add your domain, but you get an error message stating that the domain is already taken, please get in touch with our Customer Support team and we’ll help you to claim your domain.

Domain verification doesn’t work. What to do?

In order to verify your domain, you need to be set up as an admin in your Microsoft / Google company account. Please make sure you have the proper user role and permissions to view and access domain data in Microsoft / Google. In case you’re still having troubles to verify your domain, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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