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Time Tracking for Smartsheet: Learn how to track your team's time directly in Smartsheet.

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With the TrackingTime Button you and your team can track time spent on projects and tasks right within Smartsheet.

It's as easy as adding a formula in a cell and then clicking play!

How to start tracking your time in Smartsheet

  1. Install the TrackingTime browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari or MS Edge.

  2. Log in or sign up to TrackingTime through the browser extension:

  3. Enable Smartsheet to integrate with TrackingTime.

  4. Go to Smartsheet: open the sheet you'd like to use for time tracking and select the cell where you want the tracking button to appear.

  5. Enter the following formula in the cell where you'd like to display the tracking button.

Formula to track a task

="TrackingTime:"+[select the cell for your task]

Formula to track project and task

In case you'd also like to specify the task's project, you need to use the following formula to specify which cell contains the project name.

="TrackingTime:"+[select the cell for your task]+",,"+[select the cell for your project]

That's it. Now, you can start tracking your time by clicking on the button you've just added to your Smartsheet.

Smart Task Selection

Your tasks and projects in Smartsheet will be automatically synced with your TrackingTime account. We'll look in your TrackingTime account for a task with the name displayed on the cell you selected. If it doesn't exist yet, we'll automatically create it. Similarly, if the project you specified doesn't exist yet, we'll automatically add it and assign the task to it.

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