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Time Tracking for Todoist: Learn how to track time in Todoist.

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Tracking the time you spend working on your Todoist to-dos is very easy and requires almost no setup.

How to integrate with Todoist

  1. Install the TrackingTime browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or MS Edge.

  2. Once installed, please click on the extension button in Chrome's toolbar to log in with your TrackingTime account (the email and password you used to sign up for TrackingTime).

  3. Enable Todoist to integrate with TrackingTime.

  4. Now, go to the Todoist web app. You'll see the TrackingTime button appear right next to your to-dos when you hover your mouse over them.

  5. Use the shortcut to get into TrackingTime right from Todoist.

    That's it! Tasks and projects will be automatically synced with your TrackingTime account when you start tracking a to-do in Todoist. What's also cool: You can see your Todoist timers live in all of TrackingTime's apps, in real-time.

    💡 Edit your tasks while tracking and fill in the details that you need such as assignees, billable/non-billable, hourly rate, due date, and more.

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