The Slack Bot works in all your channels and allows you to:

  • create tasks

  • track time

  • stop timers

  • check your projects progress 

  • see what your team is working on

How to install

  1. Click on the "Add to Slack" button below

  2. Authorize TrackingTime to be installed in Slack

  3. Login to TrackingTime

  4. Finally, go to Slack and type /tt help to see all the available commands

Available Commands

Currently, the Slack Bot supports the following commands:

  • /tt tasks Displays your active tasks

  • /tt start [task_name] Start tracking a task

  • /tt start [task_name],,[project_name] Start tracking a project task 

  • /tt stop Stop the current timer

  • /tt workingon See what everybody in your team is doing right now

  • /tt team Displays your team's members

  • /tt projects Displays your projects

  • /tt connect Link your account with Slack

  • /tt invite Invite your team to join TrackingTime

  • /tt suggest [suggestion] Send me your wishes!

  • /tt help Displays all available commands

Change the timezone for Slack

To change the timezone for Slack type "/tt connect" in one of your channels:

Then click on the link provided:

There you'll be able to enter your credentials and update your timezone to match your daylight saving settings.

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