The Google Workplace Chat Bot allows you to:

  • Create tasks

  • Track time

  • Stop timers

  • Check your projects progress 

  • See what your team is working on

  • Invite your team

How to install:

  1. Go to your Google Workplace Chat session.

  2. Click "+" to add Bot and select TrackingTime Bot.

  3. Choose to connect TrackingTime with Google Workplace Chat.

  4. Log in to your TrackingTime account.

  5. Type help to see all the available commands.

Available commands:

  • Settings: to link your account with Google Workspace Chat.

  • Tasks: displays your tasks.

  • Start task_name,,project_name: to start tracking (project name is optional)

  • Stop: to stop tracking.

  • Workingon: to see what everybody is tracking.

  • Team: lists your team.

  • Projects: lists your projects.

  • Invite: to invite your team to TrackingTime.

  • Feedback [your feedback]: to send us your wishes!

More commands are on their way! 🎉

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