The Audit Trail provides you with valuable insights about the user's behaviour and help you to detect suspicious activities or even diagnose issues within your TrackingTime account.

If an employee makes an edition to his time data you can detect it right away, you will know exactly when each project and task is created and if someone accidentally deletes a task you can automatically determine the date and time of deletion using the audit trail.

How to enable Audit Trail

Install the add-on in your Manage > Add ons section. Please note that you need to be set up as an account administrator to activate this feature. You can enable and disable audit trail at any time as required.

Available actions:

  • Time period selector: choose the period of time that you need to audit.

  • Filter by user: select all or one user from the drop down list to make your audit more specific.

  • Activity: see the name of the action performed by the user e.g. Project Add, Project Close, Event Delete, etc.

  • Detailed information: see the date and time when the activity took place and the IP address from where it was made.

  • Description: click on the activity to get a complete description about the time data edition.

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