Now you can track your time right within your favorite productivity web apps! Download and install the TrackingTime Button for Chrome here

The TrackingTime Button is a Chrome Extension that allows you to integrate time tracking into your favorite productivity tools. It's seamlessly integrated in the UI of the project management or to-do app you love and use every day. All tasks you track will be automatically synced with your TrackingTime account. 

How to Install

To install the TrackingTime Button in your Chrome browser, please follow these easy steps:

1. Open this link in Chrome to download and install the extension. Once installed, the TrackingTime Button will appear on your Chrome toolbar.

2. Click on the extension icon to log into your TrackingTime account with your email and password. Don't have an account yet? No Problem! You can create one for free.

That's it! Now, the TrackingTime Button will magically appear inside your favorite productivity apps.

Supported Apps

Currently, the TrackingTime Button works on the web apps of the following business applications and online services.

Didn't find your favorite productivity app on the list? Send us an email or tweet to us and tell us the app you'd like to integrate.

No Setup Required

The best part about the TrackingTime Button is that there is no setup required. It just works.

When you start tracking a task inside Basecamp, Asana, Trello or any of the supported apps listed above the Button  will automatically identify the task and project you've selected and sync this data in your TrackingTime account. If the task (or project) doesn't exist in your account yet, we'll automatically create them on-the-fly using the names we detected.

How we try to detect the right task and project names varies depending on the app you're using. For instance, if you're using a task management app like Todoist, Asana or Trello we'll match projects and tasks in TrackingTime. If you're using Gmail there is no project information available. So in this case, we'll just create a task in TrackingTime using the title of the selected email as the task name.

Please note that if you change the original name of a task or project these changes won't be automatically propagated to your TrackingTime account. To continue tracking time on the same updated task you should also change the name in TrackingTime.

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