TrackingTime PRO is offered in two different subscription models: a regular user plan where you pay a monthly fee per user and a series of hourly plans. Learn about the differences and choose the plan that's right for your business.

The User Plan

The regular user plan is the best for companies that need to manage a consolidated team of full-time employees. It costs only $4.99 per active user per month. You can add new users or archive existing users anytime. Prices will be automatically calculated and user fees prorated at the end of each billing period, so that you'll only pay for active users.

The Hourly Plans

Hourly plans are specially designed for companies that work with many freelancers, external consultants or part-time employees. Instead of paying a monthly fee per user you get unlimited users who can track up to a certain amount of hours per month. We have many hourly plans that fit any company size.

Hourly Plan Prices

  • 500h:  $24.50 / month
  • 1,000h: $49.00 / month
  • 2,000h: $98.00 / month
  • 3,000h: $147.00 / month
  • 4,000h: $196.50 / month
  • 5,000h: $245.00 / month
  • 7,000h: $343.00 / month
  • 9,000h: $441.00 / month
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