Time tracking is essential for work since it can help to improve it in several ways.

Why tracking time.

Tracking your time will make you know exactly how many hours you and your team work each day and how you spend your time. Time tracking is absolutely necessary to accurately bill clients by the hour and for project cost estimations. And if for example you want to know when your employees clock in and clock out at work, their breaks and overtime, then time tracking is indispensable for that too.

How to manage time.

When you and your team track time you generate time entries. You can simply add them a note to remember what you worked on or you can classify them into clients, projects and tasks. You can define billable projects and tasks, time estimates and deadlines for a better analysis in timesheets and reports.

Apps and Integrations.

Time tracking is available on the desktop assistant and mobile app as well as from the integration with many productivity websites and online services such as Asana, Trello, Slack and more.

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