Add filters to your reports to choose which data should be included. You can use any of the time entry fields listed above as a filter and can add as many filters as you want.

To add a new filter click on Add filter and select the field you want to filter your data by. Choose one of the logical operators that better suits your needs: "is", "is not", "contains", "does not contain", "is set" and "is not set".

For instance, if you'd like to filter your time data by project, the "is" and "is not" operators allow you to select projects from your account to be included / excluded in / from your report. "Contains" and "does not contain" allow you to use a string to filter project names. For example, you can use these operators to include / exclude all projects that have the word "Design" in their name. "Is set" is used to include all time entries that are linked to any project. "Is not set" will retrieve all time entries  that are currently not linked to any project.

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