Before making new features generally available to all our customers we usually release a beta version and invite a group of users to test it and give us feedback to make sure we get everything right.

Join the beta program

If you'd like to join our beta program and try out new features before they are generally available, please use the following link:

After joining the beta program, every time you open your TrackingTime dashboard you'll be automatically redirected to the beta version.

Please note that your beta access configuration is stored on the browser where you opened that link, not on our servers. This means that you can use the beta version on one browser and continue using the regular version on another browser.

Leave the beta

In case you'd like to go back to the regular version, you can leave the beta program anytime by clicking on the following link:

Your data is safe

When using a beta release you'll still be accessing your regular account and your data will be safe and sound. That said, any changes you make using a beta version will also be reflected to all other users in your account, regardless of which app version they're using.

We'd love to hear your feedback! 🙏🏻

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