Do you want to save money and make your book keeping easier? Then subscribe to an annual plan!

The annual subscription fee for TrackingTime PRO is $60 / user / year. This is equivalent to $5 / user / month instead of the regular monthly fee of $7 / user / month.

How proration works

When you're subscribed to an annual plan, this is how proration of user fees work:

  • When you add additional users to your account, we'll prorate the user fees like we do for monthly subscriptions. However, the amount is not added to your next invoice, but invoiced right away.

  • Proration is deactivated when you archive users. When paying annually you're getting a discount for committing to using the software for one year. If you change your mind during the current billing cycle you won't receive any credit or refund back.

Should you have any  questions or concerns regarding billing and proration please don't hesitate to contacting us.

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