TrackingTime supports three user roles with different permission levels: Administrator, Project Manager and Coworker.

User roles

  • Coworkers can only track time and edit tasks on projects they have been assigned to and can only see their own time. A user is automatically assigned to a certain project when a project manager or admin assigns a task to him for the given project. Furthermore, admins and project managers can manually assign coworkers to specific projects.

  • Project managers can view and edit all projects, create timesheets and reports and delegate tasks to coworkers.

  • Administrators can do all of that and also invite people to join the account, see and edit rates and costs, edit account details and settings, as well as  cancel their TrackingTime account.

When you setup a user as a coworker you can use advanced permissions to further refine what they are allowed to do in your account.

  • Can edit time entries: If selected, a co-worker can manually add and edit time entries he has access to.

  • Can edit tasks: If selected, a co-worker can edit tasks details and add new tasks.

  • Can edit projects: If selected, a co-worker can edit project and add new projects.

Edit roles and permissions

Administrators can change user roles and permissions by following these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Manage>Team' section.

  2. Select the user you want to edit.

  3. Choose the role for this user from the dropdown menu. 

  4. If you select ‘Coworker’ you’ll be able to specify if this user can edit time entries, projects and tasks.

Note: The role of the user currently set as the account owner cannot be modified.

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