Regardless of whether you’re setting up a project, creating a report or analyzing your last week’s activity: You’re always only one click away of starting a timer.

You have several options to start tracking:

  1. Just hit start: The fastest way to start tracking your work time is by simply clicking on the start button. A new time entry will be automatically created and will start running right away by clicking on Start.

Tip: Use the notes field in case you need to specify some details about the work you're tracking.

2. Choose an existing task or project: If you’re going to start working on a previously created task or project you can use the two-step selector.

At the top you will see your recent activity, at the bottom all your projects.

To start tracking a recent project/task click on a recent activity item. To start tracking another project or task look for them in the search field.

3. Add a new project/task: If you want to start tracking a new project type the name and "add project" . Then you will have the opportunity to add tasks.

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