In case you need to edit or delete an existing project hover your mouse over the project name and click on the … button. A menu will appear where you can select the action that you want to perform.

Note: Only users set up as account administrators or project managers can edit or delete projects.

Edit a project

You can always edit any of the project details like name, client or estimated time.

  • Project name: Choose a name to describe this project. Project names are not unique.

  • Client: Optionally, you can associate a project to a client.

  • Service: The service field helps you to categorize project times into the type of services that your company offers its clients. This parameter is optional.

  • Estimated time: The amount of hours you think will be required to complete this project.

  • Due date: Click on ‘Select a date’ to choose the date by when the project should be delivered to the customer.

  • Hourly rate: If you get paid by the hour for a project you can enter your hourly rate in this field.

  • Fixed rate: Choose this billing parameter to set up a fixed rate for the project that will be billed to your client.

Tip: You can edit most of the project details like project name, estimated time, assigned client, etc. inline. Just click on the value you’d like to change and the field will become editable. When you’re ready with your change just press enter or click anywhere outside the field. Changes will be automatically saved.

Delete a project

When you delete a project all associated tasks and time entries will also be deleted forever. The total time spend on the deleted project will also be removed from your account history. This action cannot be undone.

Tip: If you're not longer working on a project and would like to get it out of your way, but want to keep your project history (task, comments, time entries, etc.), you can archive the project instead of deleting it. Learn how to archive a project.

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