When you subscribe to a TrackingTime PRO account and pay with your credit or debit card, you'll receive a receipt in your inbox, sent by Stripe, our payments provider. These are valid receipts in the US, but we know that some customers, specially in Europe, need more information on their invoices due to regulatory compliance reasons.

In case you need your invoices to include your company name, address, tax id or any other information please enter your billing details as described in this article. This information will be included in all your invoices.

Note: If you have previously received a custom invoice from us, these are still valid. However, invoices are no longer sent via email. Starting in August 2017 you'll find all your invoices listed in the Account section and you can download them for your records. Here's how to view your billing history.

Switch to annual billing

Do you want to make invoicing easier? Switch to an annual plan! Instead of having to book a payment every month, you'll receive only one invoice per year. And the best part is: You'll get 2 months for free when paying annually.

To switch to the annual plan, please follow these steps.

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