Current as of: May 25, 2018

To support the delivery of our Services, we use diļ¬€erent service providers that may store and process personal data about you and users you manage within your TrackingTime account. This section provides information about the identity, role and location of these Data Processors / Subprocessors.

  • Mixpanel (Product Analytics, United States)
  • Google Analytics (Product Analytics, United States)
  • Amazon Web Services (Cloud Infrastructure, United States)
  • Nubity (DevOps, United States)
  • CloudFlare (Content Delivery Network, United States)
  • MailChimp (Email messaging, United States)
  • Baremetrics (Business Analytics, United States)
  • Intercom (Customer Analytics, United States)
  • Stripe (Payments Provider, United States)
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