The main app menu gives you access to your user profile, account settings and other features that help you manage and personalize your TrackingTime account.

  • Settings: Update your personal details, change your password and personalize your settings. 
  • Notifications: Edit your notification preferences.
  • Account: Manage your TrackingTime account. Upgrade your plan, manage or cancel your subscription.
  • Data Import: Import your time entries from a local CSV file in your computer into TrackingTime.
  • Integrations: Learn how to use the TrackingTime Button extension for Chrome to track time right from your favorite business apps.
  • Webhooks: This is for nerds. Integrate TrackingTime with your own apps or with 3rd party online services by hooking into our Public API.
  • Logout: Click to close your current session.
  • Product Updates: Discover all the new features and improvements we’re constantly releasing to keep improving your customer experience.
  • App Version: Here you can verify which version you’re currently using. This will come handy in case we ever need to trouble shoot some issue with your account. 
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