NOTE: Unfortunately, our Microsoft Teams Bot has been removed from the Teams marketplace. Please read this article for further details. 

We've partnered with Microsoft to launch the first time tracking bot available for Microsoft Teams. 

The TrackingTime Bot for Microsoft Teams allows you to:

  • create tasks
  • track time
  • stop timers
  • check your projects progress 
  • see what your team is currently working on

How to Install

To install the TrackingTime Bot in Teams, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your Teams account

2. Go to Chats, click on Search and select Bot Directory

3. You'll find TrackingTime on the list or search for it and click on the bot

4. Select the chat room you'd like to add the bot to

5. Once the bot is installed, you can send specific messages to it (aka commands) in the chat room you specified. Start by sending the message "connect" to link your Teams account to your TrackingTime account. 

6. Don't have a TrackingTime account yet? No problem. You can create one in the next step. 

7. Now verify that your timezone is correct and change it if necessary. Optionally, if you have multiple TrackingTime accounts select the workspace you'd like to use in Teams.

Congrats! You've successfully added the TrackingTime bot to your Teams workspace and connected it to your TrackingTime account. Now, you can view all your current projects, team members and tasks and start tracking your time without ever leaving Teams! Check out all available commands to learn everything the bot can do for you.

Available Commands

Here's an overview of all the commands that the Microsoft Teams Bot currently supports.

  • tasks Displays your active tasks
  • start [task_name] Start tracking a task
  • start [task_name],,[project_name] Start tracking a task. The project name is optional. 
  • stop Stop the current timer
  • workingon See what everybody in your team is doing right now
  • team Displays your team's members
  • projects Displays your active projects
  • connect Link your account with Teams
  • invite Invite your colleagues to join TrackingTime
  • suggest [suggestion] Send me your wishes!
  • help Displays all available commands

More commands are on their way! 🤓

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